About us

Kwong Lung Hong Medical Co., Ltd. (formerly Kwong Lung Hong) was founded in 1995. Widely recognized by its distinctive panda logo, epitomizing enthusiasm and dedication to Chinese herbal medicines, it has committed to delivering high-quality and affordable Chinese herbal medicines to local and overseas merchants, including listed companies, branded Chinese medical chains, major Chinese medicine clinics, universities and other institutions. The company possesses a Chinese herbal medicine wholesaler license and a Chinese herbal medicine retailer license issued by the Hong Kong Department of Health, and is an export company certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Reputation begins with sincerity, inheriting the past and innovating the future.”

Adhering to the belief that "reputation begins with sincerity, inheriting the past and innovating the future", the company has successfully established a reliable goodwill working through three generations. To this day, Kwong Lung Hong Medical Ltd. commits to the strict supervision of product quality, and strives to work hand in hand with TCM plantation grounds all over China for quality control directly at the source. As the company grew over time, in recent years, self-owned processing facilities in Mainland China were established and have subsequently obtained GMP production certification and qualifications from the State Food and Drug Administration. In addition, an increasing amount of resources has been allocated for enhancing staff expertise and the advancement of production machinery and technology, establishing itself as a consistent and standardized quality assurance in Chinese herbal medicine.

Development of TCM related services

Kwong Lung Hong Medical Ltd. has always been in pace with modern developments, actively exploring various Chinese medicine-related services. The company is dedicated to provide the general public with authentic TCM products, strives to promote the value and heritage of Chinese herbal medicine, benefiting the community.


In order to enhance brand image, a new range of products are in line for launch. The new line will embody the new logo marked with a panda, surrounded by a golden ring and the company name, giving out a fresh, contemporary look and feel.



Contact us via WhatsApp or send an email to info@kwonglunghong.com